Tuesday, October 27, 2009

: : Intro [[---duction]] : :

Hello and welcome to : : Cocoa, Honey And All Things Yummy : :

Note: This blog is based on "Ingredient Substitution"; thus, the likeness to : : Sugar, Spice And All Things Nice : :

Okay, so here's the basic rundown on the purpose of this blog...

It's a little thing I like to call, ILP (and no, that is not pronounced, ilp written in capital letters because it is oh-so-exciting).

Independent. Learning. Project.

Well, I am not here to talk about ILP - so in six words : :


[[ Introduction Commence ]]

Okay - so as many of you have probably already guessed, I have decided to base my ILP around a little something I like to call Ingredient Substitution.

The initial response from those around me when I told them this was one of two:

a) [ blank expression - then absorbing the information, the 'huh?' face was pulled ]

b) [looking confused, then thinking "hang on, I must have heard wrong..."] "What?"

After explaining what Ingredient Substitution was to the first three or so people, I saw a pattern of reactions starting to occur.

[[ Rewind to schoolyard ]]

Peer: So what are you doing for ILP?
Me: *sigh* [knowing what is about to unfold] Ingredient Substitution.
Peer: *silence* [enter reaction a) or reaction b) here]
Me: *knowing smile* Don't worry.

◘ ◙ ◘ ◙ ◘

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